Saturday, September 09, 2006

A Little Problem ….

A colleague attempted to download and install three applications form my download page ( yesterday and ran into two sorts of problems. The first was a rogue virus-checker, but the second was caused by me.

I use a batch file to PKZip25 the zip file for download. The batch file obtains the current production version of UW.DOT from my word startup folder.

Where an application hasn't been updated for a long time, it will have a stale version of UW.DOT within the zip file, and I think some unzippers will timestamp this file with today's date as the file is unzipped and written to a folder. This version of UW.DOT now being "more recent" than any other version is now installed, and so a current application is running with a stale version of UW.DOT.

My solution to this problem is tedious, but seems to work. When I release a new version of any application, I will re-zip each downloadable file with the latest UW.DOT.

In consequence you will see the timestamp on the files seem awfully current, but at least every download will have a current copy of UW.DOT.


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