Wednesday, August 30, 2006


The Excel utility library is available as an add-in file with an extension of XLA. Store the file in an appropriate folder, then from Excel choose Tools, Add-Ins, Browse, locate the file, make sure it is checked ON, confirm and use.

How use?

From an empty cell, start a formula with the "equals" sign, use the function-picker ("fx" button), Function category "User defined", and scroll to "strDateTime".

Confirm out of there and observe he dynamic date and time, formatted as a 14-character string, in your cell. OK, Big deal, you have the Now() function in Excel.

Try the strAlphaDigitsOnly function; point it to a cell containing a mixed bag of characters:

Try obtaining your run-time parameters from an INI file:

Knock, as we say, yourself our!

You can now use Excel to test if a file is a Word Perfect DOS 5.1 file!


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